We are at the forefront of solar energy utilization

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German solar panels of premium quality with 20 years of warranty

Solar panels to replace electricity bills

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Solar power plants for investment purposes

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Expertise and comprehensive service

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One of the main features of Optimum Solar is reliability. Due to the quality of installed materials and to the experience of our professionals, we offer an outstanding and complex service for our clients in small solar power systems, solar power plants and complex energy projects.


solar power systems




solar power systems


An annual green energy production of MWh

We are at the forefront of solar energy utilization

Systems designed, installed and maintained by us produce energy in an overall power of about 45,000 kWp in 130 Hungarian settlements, from small solar power systems covering the energy needs of houses to solar power plants established for investment purposes.


German solar panels
with 20 years of product warranty

We offer our solar power systems for clients as long-term solutions. One of our key partners in this is the German solar panel manufacturer ensuring an outstanding product warranty of 20 years and an 80% performance returns warranty of 25 years.

Optimum Solar and Bauer Solartechnik mutually warrant the outstanding quality of Bauer solar panels.


246,24 kWp

Hidas - 2016

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10,00 kWp

Nagykőrös - 2015

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5,30 kWp

Karcag - 2016

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10 kWp

Ráckeve - 2016

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4,77 kWp

Zalaegerszeg - 2016

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585,12 kWp

Baja - 2017

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8,25 kWp

Bóly - 2014

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4db 574,08 kWp

Jászszentlászló - 2017

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50,00 kWp

Kiskunlacháza - 2015

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What clients think of us

I can talk about every employee of the company only positively. Right from the preliminary assessment through the satisfactory information to the completion of physical work.
Even from the thought of realization, Optimum Solar Zrt. assisted our plans in a completely correct manner and with willingness to help. On the day of installation, they showed up with a very professional team for implementation and complied with every request of ours!
We did not select the cheapest offer because the most important aspect for us was the price-quality ratio and the reliable contractor / service provider background. We did not regret our decision because everything went smooth from the contract (although I could write the request for quotation) to implementation.

Our service portfolio

Profitable investments utilizing renewable energy.

Energy investment that are environmentally friendly and economically substantiated.

Complex energy investments

By modernizing the energy of buildings - hospitals, public organizations, condominiums - we put an end to wasting energy, which helps cutting expenditures.

Electric vehicle chargers

The use of electric vehicles, combined with charging stations and solar power systems distributed by us is a "greener" and more economical solution.

Modernization of public lighting

By using a modern, and more efficient technology, settlements can achieve an energy saving of 50-60%, helping to decrease the costs of public lighting operation.